We are a group of professionals who have worked together as a team since 2006.  We love and value our work as it gives us the opportunity to meet with you to share your traditions so that your different cultural requirements are incorporated in your wedding arrangements so you have a beautiful experience in Seville.

Our values mean that we treat your requirements with respect and courtesy so that you feel safe in our hands. You will feel secure in the way that we handle everything in a calm and professional manner.

We personalise each wedding that we arrange.

Every wedding personalize

We will listen and work with you as a couple so that your wedding is customised to how you wish. We materialise your wedding as you imagined it to be.  We are able to do this thanks to the long experience we have had working with couples.

We can organise intimate weddings in small charming restaurants to weddings with thousands of guests as we know your wedding will need to be unique and exclusive for you.

Presupuestos adaptados

We know that each couple we work with are unique, therefore we adapt your wedding to your budget but never lower the quality of your requirements as we work with love to arrange your wedding and not for the money alone


We create and arrange wedding so that both the  bride and groom know that all the arrangements are running smoothly and that they do not need to worry so they can enjoy their day. Any  situations or requirements requested by yourselves for services,  can be dealt with calmly  by your  bi lingual personal assistant.

It is easy and simple for us to marry you!

Your Person Assistant will manage all the negotiations for the services you need, whether it is processing the legal documents, or organising a church wedding or a wedding arrangement in a beautiful garden or venue. We will be the coordinator of your union and work with all the companies regarding the requirements necessary.  Your assistant will coordinate and manage your needs they will be your companion and friend on this journey, always present for you to contact 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by phone or email before and after your wedding.

Additional features

We also arrange Silver & Golden Wedding celebrations, special birthdays, baptisms and holy communions.  If you are thinking of any event that requires our specialist involvement please ask as we are ‘creators’ and would be more than willing to offer our expertise.