Why Seville

This is a very good question to ask.  This is the most important question to ask if you are wanting a professional wedding planner.  It is a pleasure for me to explain the great options that you require or thst are available to you to make the choices regarding your wedding.  I  work exclusively with clients arranging only 6 weddingsper year each.  Therefore I  can focus exclusively on you, yes exclusively on your wedding.  You will be able to contact me personally and I will ensure you get a swift reply within 2 hours. I will be working with you, for you.  You will have confidence from the moment you engage in my  professional services.  Your goal is my goal.

There are many wedding planners in Seville, but none like ours.  We are able to work with foreign clients, English is our 2nd language. We are able to get to know you and therefore get to know exactly how you want your wedding arranged.

I personally lived and worked in the UK for over 9 years and I understand the English culture and also the cultures of many other nationalities that I worked with both professionally and entertained socially. 

It is crucial we keep to your deadlines and to your plans so that your wedding is how you want it.  We of course will advise you regarding all the extras that Seville is able to offer you, as I was born here and unlike many other Wedding Planners have lived in and around Seville for over 30 years.  I have 10 years experience of being a wedding planner.  I have arranged weddings for many nationalities from England, Germany, China, Ireland  and America.  I have a passion ensuring your wedding plans are perfectly planned and to your liking.  Your wedding will be organised with love and care.  You will find that larger organisations will not take the personal care I will take and your wedding plans will be rushed to suit their arrangement plans.

I hope you are able to understand me more fully and are reassured your wedding will be something you will enjoy and reflect on for many years to come. With my knowledge of Seville and that of my team we know what it has to offer you and your wedding party wedding party.

Seville‘s weather and culture

Seville is known for its beautiful weather.  The streets are known for the sweet smelling orange blossom perfume followed by the abundance of its fruit on the trees.  The climate gives you the opportunity to arrange your wedding at almost anytime of the year to enjoy its warmth and evening stars. The Union of its diverse cultures and religions you will find the streets and squares are full of  Moorish, Arab and Roman influences.  There is Andalusian cuisine in its purest roots with music that makes this city a fantastic setting for any kind of celebration to take place.

Quality and price

Seville not only offers a magical setting for your wedding but great quality services. With my knowledge I am able to offer more balanced prices than other weddingplanners in Seville.  The city can offer you a great luxury wedding, using the best products and  brands for a much more affordable budget.

Free schedules

Both rural and inner city Seville can offer you haciendas, cortijos, rural housed or mansions where you can enjoy dinners, lunches, flamenco dancing, live music, open bars in gardens, fireworks, bull fighting and horse dancing.  The possibilities are endless in the unique landscape.  If you venture out of the historic centre of Seville there can be no limit to the length of the days into nights!