If you decide to choose us Weddings in Seville I congratulate you on making a wise choice.  The contract between us will be one of satisfaction and pleasure.

This is a brief summary of how I work.  I usually work with you as a couple and if you are unhappy with any of the following please tell me as have a flexible attitude to what is going to be your special day.  

After you contact me and I send you different proposals you are welcome to to spend a weekend, meeting all the suppliers and also visiting some favourite venues.

First contact

Once you return the fully completed questionnaire that we will send you we then can send you several proposals for you to review.  If you have a number of proposals in mind that you like you can then come and meet up with us in Seville.

Appointment date

Once we have met via email or sky and chatted through your proposals you will be invited to be introduced to your Person Assistant.  You can then review the possibilities that were offered to you on the proposals you choose.  This will give you the opportunity to meet all the providers in the beautiful city or rural setting of Andalusia.  This will also give you the opportunity to view our professionalism and see the love we have for our job in providing your special wedding.  Once we meet any insecurities you may have had will be able to dissipate into confidence.  We can work hand in hand with any of your ideas.

The wedding day

Your personal assistant will be managing your schedules and the times so everything goes to plan.  He or she will organise the guests regarding the changes of places, so it is stress free eg.  the bus or taxi from the church to the venue if this is your desired arrangement.  They will coordinate each service area with the managers from the bride & groom getting to each venue, the photography and the after wedding celebrations.

The day before the wedding and the day after