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Who are we?


Love, love moves, our Philosophy.

If we can work and make of our life our dream, is thanks to couples like you, who trust us and share their love with us. We realize how lucky we are, so we also like to share this luck and love with who we believe are more needed, children. Wedding in Seville believe that we can change our world just making litter changes in our life, we believe in children, they are the future and we also think that every single child must fell love and care that is why we help giving part of our profile to Aldeas Infantiles.

So wherever you decide just to book suppliers through us,( totally free for you) or go for the wedding planner services ( which has the extra cost of the wedding planner) you will be helping to all the children from Spain. Is not it great!!!??? You get the best of our land but also leave here part of you love for the litters ones! We all win!

It is a great opportunity to help out using your own love. That is why we say, love, love move.

Aldeas Infantiles, is a great charity which work for children who cannot be taken care by their parents, due to many different reasons, They provide them with houses, education, and all what a child could need, even families, who sometime love and take care of them until their parents are able to do it.

The most important is that any child fell abandoned, alone, sad, up set, hungry or angry with the world. They are a big family, so all the children fell at home there. They give them the fantastic opportunity to study, and allow them to be children while they still can.

This charity is base in Granada an Seville and you can find more about them here; aldeasinfantiles.es